E-Commerce on Magento

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services via the internet, and the transfer of money and data in order to complete the sales. Nowadays, there are numerous questions about e-commerce concerning which channels are the best to execute business online.  

Delta Mobile Marketing offers a variety of e-commerce possibilities in partnership with Magento, who have already realized more than 137 successful projects:

Retail: The sale of various products directly to the consumer without any intermediate steps

Dropshipping: The sale of various products that are being manufactured and shipped to consumers through a third party

Digital products: This includes in itself downloadable items such as templates, courses, e-books, software, that must be purchased online for digital use.

Wholesale: These include the products, that are mass bought, which implies selling goods in large quantities at a low unit price. Wholesale products are usually sold to a retailer, who then sells the products to the consumers.

Services: These include skills such as coaching, writing, etc., that are purchased and paid for online.

Subscription: This is a popular D2C model, where the subscription services are the recurring purchases of products and/or services on a regular basis.

Crowdfunding: This allows sellers to raise startup capital in order to move their product forward into the market. Once enough consumers have purchased the item, it’s then created and shipped.

Adobe Commerce powered by Magento allows to create an engaging, powerful, and efficient experience, which is based on next-generation technology. The global partner ecosystem along with the extensions marketplace can breathe life into the business.

You can always contact us at info@delta-mobile.de to get a consultation or start your project.